Below is a comprehensive list of Linda Nathan’s print publications. Some have active links to the articles.

Hitting the Right Note, Educational Leadership, December 2018

Systemic InequalityThe New England Journal of Higher Education, December 2017.

When Grit Isn’t Enough: A High School Principal Examines How Poverty and Inequality Thwart the College-for-All Promise. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, October 2017.

The Art of the School-Community Partnership.” Phi Delta Kappan, May 2015

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Expanding the Vision of Self: Why the Arts Matter” in Harvard Education Review, Spring 2013

All Students are Artists” Educational Leadership, February 2012 Vol. 69 No. 5, “For Each to Excel” pp. 48-51

The Art of Leadership,” American School Board Journal, June 2011

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What Makes a Great Teacher?”, Educational Leadership, December 2010/January 2011

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The Hardest Questions Aren’t on the Test: Lessons from an Innovative Urban School. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, October, 2009

Why the Arts Make Sense in Education,” Phi Delta Kappan, November 2008

What’s Been Lost in the Bubbles”, Educational Leadership, October 2008

Teachers Talking Together: The Power of Professional Community,Horace, April 2008

The Art of Evaluation and Professional Development,” Principal Leadership, Sept. 2005

Co-Author with Sloan, Katherine, “Art Transforms Education: A Boston Pilot School Puts Student Learning Center Stage,” The Journal of the New England Board of Higher Education, Summer 2005

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Creating Equity from the Ground up,” Horace, Feb/March, 2003

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Contributor with Bransford, Brown, Cocking, editors How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School. (1999) Washington, DC: National Academies Press

Co-author with Myatt, Lawrence. “A Journey toward Autonomy,” Phi Delta Kappan, December, 1998

Co-author with Myatt, Lawrence. “One School’s Journey in the Age of Reform,” Phi Delta Kappan, September 1996

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