Deeper Learning 2024

Happy to have participated in Deeper Learning 2024 in San Diego as a Den Speaker, along with my former student and current colleague Ayesha Hoda, and so many others I admire. The conference is an inspirational gathering of educators determined to create the schools...

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Empowering Students Through School Libraries: from Designing Democratic Schools and Learning Environments

Author, Deborah Froggatt There are many reasons to highlight the impact of libraries in shaping more democratic, inclusive and equitable high-quality schools. In her chapter, Deborah Froggatt, retired Director of Library Services in Boston Public Schools, claims that...

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A large school that feels small: A visit to Lawrence High School

I had the privilege of visiting Lawrence High School (LHS) along with colleagues from Lynn Public Schools and Harvard Graduate School of Education. Even though the campus is huge, with over 3,000 students, there is a sense of calmness, connection and purpose inside....

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Move Over: The HOMies Have Landed!

Here’s the current reality: 1/3 of teachers are currently thinking about leaving their jobs and education professionals report worse well-being than other professionals (Bryant et al., 2023). Teachers of color are more likely to leave the profession and well-being is...

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Learning about Leadership and Schools in Spain

I first met Nieves Segovia in my HGSE class: Schools in Action. Her comments and questions about the schools we visited were always insightful. After one visit, I asked, “How is that you notice so much in every school we visit?”  “I’ve spent a lot of time in...

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Passion, Practice, Time and Expert Knowledge

View of my lodging from the school I’ve just returned from a two week immersive pottery course in the Tuscan hills of Italy. I’m still overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural surroundings– waking up every morning to the mist dangling over the olive groves and then...

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Spotlight on Siamack Zahedi – One Study at a Time: Research in the Indian Context

Recently, I caught up with Siamack Zahedi, one of our chapter authors for our upcoming book, Designing Democratic Schools and Learning Environments: A Global Perspective.  I wanted to better understand how Sia (as he is often called) came to be so passionate...

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Democratic Schools in Action

A few weeks ago, I proudly stood in the midst of my HGSE classroom, vastly expanded without the dividing expandable wall,  and watched my graduate students from my Building Democratic Schools course preparing for their final exhibitions. Twelve weeks ago I had assured...

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