I wanted to share this lovely email I received from the principal of the Gardner Pilot Elementary School. I have often said that school leadership is about doing work and never expecting thanks, but this email was the best thank-you I’ve received!

It has been wonderful to travel around the country (and even the world) talking about my book and my school, but it is truly wonderful and so energizing to receive this kind of validation here at home. I promise to post my reflections on Helsinki soon…I’m still processing what it was like to live for a week in a country that actually works!

“We had Linda Nathan come talk at Gardner Pilot Academy (GPA) a few weeks ago to talk about her new book and it was absolutely AMAZING. As you all know, Linda is a wealth of knowledge and is also inspiring, honest and encouraging. I cannot say enough about the power her talk had for my faculty at GPA, and the impact she has had on our work. The best part is that she does this amazing work for FREE. A huge shout out and THANK YOU to Linda!”

-Erica Herman, Principal
Gardner Pilot Academy