I can’t believe that I am leaving for Argentina tomorrow!

I have been working with schools in Argentina since 1998, when educators and other reformers first visited Boston Arts Academy and decided that the idea of transforming schools through the arts might work in their country. Since then we’ve worked with over 20 schools in a variety of states (among them, Rosario and Chaco), and now we will also begin working with schools in the city of Buenos Aires. Again, the work will focus on how to change schools and create stronger student engagement and increased achievement by incorporating the arts into a primarily academic curriculum.

I am so honored that Papers Editores will publish my book, Las Preguntas Fundamentales No Están en el Exámen and I’m grateful to my publisher Beacon Press for their support. Special thanks to Natalia Catalano Dupuy, a consultant to StandardBank Foundation and Enrique Morad, Executive Director of the Loma Negra Foundation.

It is so cool to see the book in Spanish!

Ramiro Gonzalez, BAA science teacher, and Center for Arts in Education Summer Institute Co-Director will be going with me. We are looking forward, in addition to my book presentation, to leading workshops for school administrators as well as meeting the principals involved in this continuing project arts education expansion in the schools. We will also be traveling to Mendoza to work with educators there. Stay tuned for the detailed trip blog in coming weeks…