Many of you know that I returned to Argentina in July 2010, and that my book was published in Spanish there (“Las Preguntas Fundamentales no Están en el Examen.”) Argentina is determined to use the arts as a mechanism to challenge and change both school structures as well as teaching and learning. Since that visit last summer, approximately 50 new schools in Buenos Aires have joined the ranks of “Arts in Education” schools (“Arte en Educación“)- a huge accomplishment, especially considering the adverse conditions facing the Argentinean education system. There are an additional 20 schools, both rural and semi-urban, in various provinces throughout the country, that are also part of Arte en Educación and have been since 1999. I continue to be honored to be able to play a small role in the inspiration and development of these efforts. I so admire the teachers and administrators who are doing this work on a shoestring budget and with little political support!