It’s soaking here! Rain like I haven’t seen in years (and thunder and lightening), but it isn’t dampening our spirits! We are making connections, making presentations, eating food, (especially food we haven’t had before), and generally making BAA proud (and yes, selling some books too).

Yesterday we spoke at Mills College, UC Berkeley, visited Skywalker Ranch (amazing), checked out an independent book store (Book Passage), and ate Indian food with the folks that are bringing playwright José Rivera to BAA for our 2010 Benefit & Gala.

Michael (sophomore dancer) is networking with folks we are meeting in order to bring Alonzo King (Lines Ballet) to BAA. Dominique (instrumental music senior) is considering how to pursue an internship at Skywalker Ranch. Yoselin (visual arts junior) wants to go to Lick Wilmerding High School (they have absolutely amazing art studios and shops) and is taking pictures of the beautiful art we have seen. Katie (theatre senior) is thinking about what access means and how her experiences at BAA have shaped her.

All of the kids are telling wonderful stories about their teachers. It just makes me so proud. They are articulate about their learning, their school, what works, and what doesn’t work. Dominique summed it up “Our teachers are more like colleagues. That’s why it works. They don’t look down on us and put us in a box.”

What an amazing trip!