The end of the school year is a time for closure for most schools. At BAA it is also time to kick off  the seventh annual Summer Institute for Arts in Education, an amazing week-long professional development experience for folks interested in school change.

Teachers and administrators from all around the world have attended this four-day intensive program, which offers workshops and intensive seminars on subjects ranging from advisory systems and inclusion models, to design and new technologies for the classroom.  This year’s keynote speaker is our own Abdi Ali, who has just finished his Doctorate in Education at Harvard. Another amazing presenter who we are very excited about is Sandy Sohcot, Executive Director of the Rex Foundation.  She will lead a workshop about integrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into classroom curriculum. Altogether we expect close to 60 educators from 15 schools to attend.

I will also have the pleasure of doing a talk about The Hardest Questions (along with 4 BAA students) at Summer Institute. After this amazing, but totally hectic year of book touring and traveling, it feels like the perfect place to wind things up.