I was so happy to catch up with Gina Desir (PSi 5, ‘21) the other day. She is now an instructional coach with the department of multilingual learners. “It’s a big transition from having my own classroom to coaching others,” she told me. She is responsible for teachers in 16 different schools! What’s the best part of the job? “I just got to see the Mattahunt Haitian Dual Language Program, and I was so proud of what the teachers are doing. They are working so hard to make sure that all students are learning and that the program is sustainable over time.” I asked Gina what she has taken away from her year in PSi: “The people part. I think I have really learned to listen and be empathetic. Both being supportive and also giving critical feedback.” That balancing act is a new one for Gina. She acknowledges that it’s stressful to push back when she sees things that aren’t right. For example, one principal shared that he was worried that his SLIFE students (Student with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education) weren’t on the same lesson as his general education students. Gina had to assure him that equity doesn’t mean that everyone is doing the same thing at exactly the same time.  What does success look like? “Feeling like I can get principals and teachers to really understand the best ways to support ELL students.” Gina is embracing this new challenge.