Exciting news! Today, we awarded three members of the Perrone Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership Carmen M. Torres Scholarship for Emerging Latine Leaders. Congratulations to Melissa Alvarez, from Revere, and Nancy Uribe, and Christine Brito from Somerville. Their impressive biographies are a testament to their potential to accomplish great things. During the ceremony, we remembered three of Carmen’s favorite sayings, which continue to provide me with direction: 1. Joy is a form of resistance. 2. Love is the only emotion that can create lasting change; and 3. You don’t need a superhero, you need a network. We hope these dichos will inspire a new generation of leaders to make their mark on the world. #Leadership  #Scholarship   #EmergingLatineLeaders  #CarmenMTorresScholarship  #PSiHale

me (Linda), Nancy, Melissa, Christine and Yaritza
Nancy Uribe, Melissa Brito and Melissa Alvarez