Misinterpreted Marshmallows

I was fascinated by this write up in The Atlantic of a recently released update of the infamous "Marshmallow Test" study. The new study, conducted byTyler Watts from New York University and Greg Duncan and Hoanan Quan from University of California Irvine, "finds...

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Deeper Learning: The Conference and the Connections that Followed

At the end of March, I attended the Deeper Learning conference, which took place at High Tech High’s campus in San Diego. This was my first time at Deeper Learning, and I got a good sense of why this is an important gathering for progressive educators throughout the...

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Back at School Again

After two years in full-time academia, I am back in a school. It feels right. Labor Day and the ritual of children returning to school are, once again, part of my daily world. I am the newly appointed Executive Director of the Center for Artistry and Scholarship (The...

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