Democratic Schools in Action

A few weeks ago, I proudly stood in the midst of my HGSE classroom, vastly expanded without the dividing expandable wall,  and watched my graduate students from my Building Democratic Schools course preparing for their final exhibitions. Twelve weeks ago I had assured...

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Everyone has a story; you just need to tell it: Chelsea Opportunity Academy

Adam Aronson Chelsea Opportunity Academy (COA) sits in a far wing of Chelsea High School in Chelsea MA. I have been visiting this high school since the mid-80s in its various iterations and changes. I always leave energized by the students and faculty I meet. Adam, a...

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Manami Okuda Wada: Explorer and Learner

Manami has spent the last year studying deeper learning at HGSE. Before HGSE, she worked with middle/high school students as an after-school program manager, where students were compared by test scores too many times. As a result, they lacked intrinsic motivation to...

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Baxter Academy for Science and Technology: A Glimpse at a Democratic School in Portland Maine

Our student guides, faculty dean and Juan Boat builders Surfers Engineers Shoe designers Scientists What is common amongst this group of adults? They all love teaching and learning at Baxter Academy in Portland,  Maine.  I just spent a day with my colleague...

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Educator as Facilitator of Transformation: Deeper Learning Redux

We gathered in the fall of 2022 to think about some of the ideas from a small but hopefully growing consortium called Deeper Learning. Perhaps,  it’s a flawed name (deeper than what? shallow learning? who wants that!), but for the sake of movement building, we...

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