HomePlace Collective: An idea whose time has come

Kassie Infante and Marianela Rivera In this on-going series of short posts, I catch up with some of the authors in our upcoming book Building Democratic Learning Environments: A Global Perspective, to be published by Palgrave this fall. Kassie Infante and Marianela...

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How do we know what students know: Who decides?

For decades, questions of assessment have polarized educators. Assessment comes from the root word assidere, or, to sit beside. Over the last forty years, assessment in schools has become synonymous with high stakes tests and the results often dictate whether a...

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Building Democratic Learning Environments: A focus on Maw Maw Kaing

In the mid-1980s, before Pilot schools and Charter schools were mainstream, I opened a middle school for the arts that had more autonomy than traditional district schools. Although we had no special governance status, the fact that we were a bilingual school for the...

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New Beginnings, 2023

I sit in my kitchen in the quiet of the morning and my amaryllis bulb catches my gaze. It is tilting to one side, unable to hold its beautiful blossoms erect. That bending towards the light captures my attention. I realize that I am ready for change.  After ten...

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